Vonaflex Lotion

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Size 1 Bottle

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Directions for Use:  Adults and children 12 years and older: Apply one to two pumps three to four times a day (no more than eight pumps plunges per day) Rub in for 15 to 20 seconds


1. Fast-Acting, Effective Numbing Cream - Vonaflex contains 4-percent Lidocaine as the active numbing ingredient. Lidocaine works by blocking nerve signals on the area of application. You’ll get numbing relief in as quickly as 15 minutes.

2. Long-Lasting, Enhanced Efficacy - Our lidocaine cream works for up to 1.5 hours. It can be used as a waxing, piercing, and tattoo numbing cream. Our patented cetosome lotion technology helps enhance lidocaine’s efficacy for greater relief.

3. Relieves and Moisturizes - Vonaflex doesn’t just numb the pain, it also has essential oils that benefit the skin. Arnica Oil is a known herbal ingredient traditionally used for its soothing properties. Lavender and Sunflower Oil support skin health.

4. Helps Reduce Swelling - Vonaflex has white curcumin, which is rich in antioxidants. It can help people suffering from joint and muscle soreness. White curcumin and arnica oil can also help manage swelling and reduce discomfort.

5. No Medicinal Odor - Feeling self-conscious because you smell like pain reliever? Unlike other numbing creams, Vonaflex doesn't have a medical smell. You can use it and still go where you need to with confidence.