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The Optimal Laboratories family of products was created by a group of renowned physicians, pharmacists and physical therapists with a mission to provide high-quality and effective natural supplements to promote overall health and wellness. This group of experts brought their extensive knowledge and experience in the medical field to the creation of their company, carefully researching and selecting only the finest ingredients for their products.

With a focus on using only the highest quality turmeric oils and curcumin, they sought to create supplements that would not only be safe and effective, but also easily accessible to everyone. The company's founders were passionate about helping people live healthier, happier lives, and they strived to make their products an integral part of anyone's daily wellness routine. Their innovative approach to natural health and their commitment to quality set their company apart, making it a trusted and beloved brand in the supplement industry.

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Founder & Director of Product Development

Dr. Vijay Vad developed Vonacor with Dr. Madhavi with the primary goal of doing no harm. Dr. Vad’s primary research focus is back pain and arthritis. He is the developer of Back Rx app clinically proven to reduce back pain and dependence on opiates as well as minimally-invasive stem cell based procedure called carboplasty for reducing dependence on joint replacements. Dr. Vad practices Sports Medicine at the Hospital for Special Surgery and is on faculty of Weill Cornell Medical College. He is the former physician for the professional men’s tennis tour and Westchester Golf Classic of the PGA Tour.

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